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Who needs child protection training?

The New South Wales government has reviewed its child protection laws. The reforms are meant to streamline the system and push for the protection of all children. New South Wales government wants to monitor and regulate non-governmental care providers as much as those within the government system; to ensure that they all care and protect […]


Child protection planning for childcare organisations

If you are involved with child protection planning or setting up, managing or running a childcare organisation, then you should spend some time to understand and plan for child protection. Since the laws and best practices change regularly, it’s also worth staying up to date on the changes. Below are details of the requirements for child […]


Essential guide to changes in NSW child protection laws in 2018 for child care and youth workers

If you are a childcare or youth worker, it can be easy to have the latest changes to the law slip past you. Especially since government agencies can change laws one by one, and seem to manage to hide vital news pages deep on already difficult to digest websites. For your convenience, we have collated […]


New Year, New Career in Child Care

As you sipped your favourite beverage, watched the colourful fireworks fill the night sky, and the clock tick over a new year; did you make a resolution to take charge of your career? Maybe this is the year to start something new, to embark on a journey that is rewarding, but also challenging. Starting a […]

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Would you like to study this year? Full Time Face to Face Course- Starts FEB 2018 – CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and care

Our Full Time Face to Face Course Starts FEB 2018 (12 Places left) CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Course Charlestown Campus 2 days per week face to face in college + online + work placement  Payment options and Vet Students Loans available Contact us for an information booklet on 49422300 Come and […]

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Your Future Career as a Child Care Educator

Life After the HSC… We are told that the HSC is everything. It is the hardest thing you will do, the hardest test you will take. The number you achieve at the end of those months of study and stressful exams will determine your future, your career. Right? WRONG! Your future success is not entirely […]

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