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Are you New to Childcare?
Want to "make a difference" in a child's life?
Would you like to care for young children?
  • Can you imagine caring for Toddlers?
  •  Can you see yourself nurturing Babies?
  • Would you enjoy helping them learn and grow?
    In Early Childhood Care you would be working with children aged 0-6yrs?
  • It's a great time for a career change.
    This truly is a rewarding career making a difference in a young child's life.
    There are thousands of jobs in Australia.
    And we will support you every step of the way.
Would you like to care for older children?
  • Can you see yourself nuturing School Age Children?
    Can you imagine developing a child's knowledge and skills?
    Would you enjoy supporting their  development?
    You would be working with Primary age children, aged 5-13 years.
    There are amazing career opportunities.
  • Before and After School care might be perfect for you.
  • Also known as OOSH or OSHC, there are thousands of jobs available right now throughout Australia.
  • Casual, part time and full time jobs available.
 Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take to complete my course?
Our mixed mode training enables you to complete the course at your own pace. These courses are 12-18 month programs, that can be adapted to meet your individual learning needs.
When can I start my course?
You can start your courses anytime throughout the year. We do shut down for two weeks over the Christmas Break, and will advise you of those specific dates.
What skills do I need to complete an online course?
You will need basic computing skills including reading and sending emails, logging onto the learning platform and time management. You can be confident we will support you throughout your course.
What support will I get throughout my course?
You will be fully supported throughout your course by having great learning materials, industry qualified trainers and a fantastic administration team. Your online learning portal has a chat function as well as email and phone support. We will visit you in your Centre during your work placement as well.