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Now is the time to Enrol in a funded Child Care Course
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8th December 2021 Free Childcare Courses
Are you already working in Childcare and would like to upgrade your Qualifications to  Diploma for FREE?
Are you looking to change your career and always wanted to work in Childcare?
Childcare has been added to the priorites industries as an are of need. What does mean for you!!
The Childcare course listed below are now free for those in Childcare and those wanting to  have a Career in Childcare.
To be eligible in NSW you must be one of the following
Youth 16-24 years
This is one of the main focuses of Job Trainer and this age group is eligible regardless of employment status.
Commonwealth Government Recipient
You will need to provide evidence that you are in receipt of a government benefit. You can download an income statement for your myGov account and send it to us in an email.
Unemployed (not a Commonwealth benefit recipient)
You will need to provide a "Letter of Separation" from your previous employer at the time of enrolment. If this is not available, the student must sign a declaration at enrolment stating that they are unemployed.
People expecting to become unemployed
You must provide evidence indicating current employment, email, letter, employment contract or payslip indicating Jobkeeper payments, notice of redundancy or other documentation relating to employment.
Tasmanian residents pleasecontact us here
Not eligible what are my options
We have various other funded course options available including Smart and Skilled NSW. Please contact us for more information.