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How can Atkinson Childcare College help me?
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How can Atkinson Childcare College help me?
Diploma School Age care
Advanced Entry Diploma
Enrol anytime
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Ideal for all Qualifications
Employer Incentives
Fee free in NSW
Structured on the job training
Support from your own Trainer
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Certificate III Early Childhood
Certificate IV School Age
Workbased Learning
Online Study
Complete during your HSC
Why choose Atkinson Child Care College for Traineeships?
  • We specialise in Children's Services
  • You will be well informed of your Trainees progress
  • Trainees will access the latest information
  • Regular workplace contact and visits
  • You can start a Trainee anytime of the year
  • Look on our  Centre Owner/Directors page to find how we can help you
Am I Eligible?
Are you:
  • 18 years old or over?
  • No longer at school?
  • Living or working in NSW?
  • An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humantarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen?
How do I find the right Trainee?
We can help you to find the very best Trainee.  We also have a fantastic resource which assist's in your recruitment process, to ensure you dont waste time interviewing the wrong people. We are contacted daily by people wishing to start a career in Children's services. Those on our Members list get first preference.
What is the Traineeship process?
We can walk you through the whole process, stress-free. We have created an easy-to-follow flowchart for you. Click below to learn more.
What are the incentives for employing a Trainee?
There are some Federal Government Incentives when you employ an eligible Trainee, up to $4000 click here
and now there is the Job Trainer wages subsidy click here.
Will I have course fees?
Course fees vary in each State. New Entrant Trainees in NSW currently access their course for free Contact us to ask about your fees.
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