CPRF1: Online Child Protection Refresher Course

How to Enrol

  • Enrol by clinking on the “Enrol Now” button at the bottom of this page
  •   Complete the online enrolment form and ensure you use your individual email address
  •   Pay for the course
  •   You will be sent an email with a receipt, then a second email with your  login details
  •   Once you have your login details from Cloud Assess, you can start your course immediately

Is help available?

  • We are here to help- real people answer the phone!
  • Please call us if you need help with enrolling or assistance in completing your course. A trainer is available to provide assistance.
  • Please call us on (02) 49422300 (Office hours 9am-4 pm Monday to Friday)

How long do I have to complete the course?                                         

Once enrolled, you have access to our platform for 1 week from the day of enrolment.

When do I receive my certificate?

  • Within your course you will be directed to an online quiz. After you’ve read all of the material, click and register for your quiz. Complete the quiz (you have 3 attempts and there is no time limit). Once competent, i.e. you get 100%, your certificate will be automatically emailed to you with your results or you can download your certificate from the results page.

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