Who needs child protection training?

Who needs child protection training?

The New South Wales government has reviewed its child protection laws.

The reforms are meant to streamline the system and push for the protection of all children.

New South Wales government wants to monitor and regulate non-governmental care providers as much as those within the government system; to ensure that they all care and protect children accordingly.

Mandatory Child Protection Courses

Besides the parents or guardians at home, there are many other people who interact with children on a daily basis. The responsibility to keep children safe is expected of everyone who is involved in caring for children.

The NSW government has rolled out two mandatory child protection courses. Both courses are compulsory for all caregivers who will be provided with certificates on completion. Before you are admitted to start caring for children in any type of setting such as a home, school or talent institution, your certificates will have to be verified for authenticity.

The two courses are:

  • CHCPRT001 – Identify and respond to children and young people at risk
  • CHCPRT002 – Support the rights and safety of children and young people


 Combined effort

Taking care of children and young people does not stop at knowing that as an individual you are not causing any harm to them. It extends to ensuring that other caregivers who come into contact with the children and young people are also not harming them.

You do not have to be in a supervisory role to oversee that the children you interact with are not at risk in other environments where they live, school, train or play.

When it comes to the protection of children and young people, all parents including biological, adoptive and foster as well as guardians are not immune to scrutiny in the way they care for their children.


Candidates for Child Protection Training

The ultimate goal of the reforms by the NSW government is to ensure maximum protection of children everywhere. Although parents are not required to take these courses, they can be reported to authorities by other caregivers in the event of abuse or neglect of their children.

Individuals who are required by law to take the child protection training are teachers and their assistants, all youth workers, all childcare workers, and volunteers. All school-based staff working on a permanent, temporary and casual basis must also complete the courses.

Further, all trainers in talent institutions such as sports or performing arts clubs are also required to go through the child protection training. Coaches, assistants, managers, doctors, counsellors and generally anyone who would be working with young people and children are expected to meet the training requirements.

In Closing

Following the announcement of the new courses, fresh training is expected for everyone. Prior learning or training related to child protection will not be recognised. In addition, all staff will have to undergo annual update training to maintain best practices in child protection.

New South Wales government hopes to come to a turning point in the way children are cared for by all adults that are responsible for them. Through the combined effort of everybody, we can all help ensure that children at risk get prompt help from their immediate environment as well as care workers.


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